Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12, 2009 Statement on Bigotry

Trenton, NJ – 15th District Assembly candidate Kim Taylor (R-Lawrence) today offered the following statement upon learning of reports of third district Assembly candidate Lee Lucas’ having defended his use of “the n word”:

Use of the “N” word and other racially insensitive language reflects a mindset, attitude, and set of values that have no place in public office. Despite the progress that has been realized through the civil rights movements of past decades, bigotry and racism unfortunately still exist today and can be found in all shapes, sizes, and political persuasions of people. While Mr. Lucas claims a first amendment right to free speech, one thing is clear to me: The use of language such as the words attributed to him in Wally Edge’s July 10, 2009 report reflect a total disconnect from the longstanding values of the Republican Party in this state.

As an African American, a woman, a Republican, and a New Jerseyan, I am proud that Republican elected officials continue to play a leadership role in demonstrating that inclusivity, opportunity, and integrity are core Republican values, in fact are core American values. The list is long so consider, for example, the appointments by (then) Governor Christine Todd Whitman of the first African American justice to the New Jersey Supreme Court and the first African American as Secretary of State. New Jersey Republicans continue to work to ensure that the fundamental civil rights of racial and ethnic minorities are safeguarded as they should be.

Standing up to racism and bigotry requires conviction and an unflappable sense of what is morally and ethically correct. I applaud Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce for having called on Lee Lucas to drop out of the Assembly race.

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