Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Importance of Checking the Facts

This year voters have a very critical decision to make. The future of New Jersey and the prosperity and well-being of its residents are clearly at stake. Recently Governor Jon Corzine launched a misleading attack ad directed at Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Christie. As the New York Times has revealed, Corzine's television ad is filled with misleading information that mischaracterizes Chris Christie.

The future of New Jersey is at stake. Voters have reason to expect a focus on the facts, a focus on records, a focus on credentials, a focus on integrity. The Corzine ad, however, underscores the reality that voters will need to explore the facts for themselves and not rely solely on campaign media.

To help sort out fact from fiction, check out this YouTube video that sets the record straight and reveals the untruths of Corzine's campaign against Christie:

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