Thursday, October 15, 2009

TOO FAT FOR CORZINE: Assembly Candidate Kim Taylor Speaks Out Against Anti-Fat Bigotry

Trenton, NJ – In response to ongoing bigotry against fat New Jerseyans and reports that State Democratic Chairman Joe Cryan asked Corzine supporters in Essex County to imagine "... what it would be like to have a 350 lb. governor" and ordered the Essex troops to deliver Jon Corzine's victory in order to prevent having an overweight governor, 15th district assembly candidate Kim Taylor (R-Lawrence) issued the following statement:

“Corzine’s and Cryan’s focus on Chris Christie’s body weight isn't just a campaign strategy against Christie; it is a clear articulation of their shared disregard for overweight New Jerseyans.

Camp Corzine is saying that overweight/fat citizens have no place in government service. The ongoing and almost obsessive references by Democratic operatives to Christie’s weight have gone too far and must be stopped.

Tens of thousands of people struggle daily with their body weight, and many at great personal price confront eating disorders in an effort to maintain the perfectly underweight body. Yet my Democratic opponents, longtime incumbents Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Ewing) and Reed Gusciora (D-Princeton), have been silent on Camp Corzine’s and the New Jersey Democratic State Party’s anti-fat campaign.

It's time for New Jerseyans of all parties and all body shapes and sizes to speak out and tell Governor Corzine and the Democratic State Committee that they will not tolerate the verbal abuse of overweight New Jerseyans and the perpetuation of the dangerous myth that body size has anything to do with intelligence, capacity to lead, or a person’s worth.

New Jersey has a strong law against bullying. If Cryan’s remarks were made by a child on the school playground, New Jersey’s antibullying law would require swift and definitive action to stop the bullying, but once again, Camp Corzine and the Democratic leadership are showing that they are above the law.

With the national epidemic of eating disorders and other body image issues that women and girls in particular face across the country and in this state, this anti-fat campaign must stop, and the focus must return to the crisis of inaffordability and real life issues that continue to face New Jerseyans today. If New Jerseyans of all sizes don't stand up against this blatant bigotry and somehow Corzine happens to win, I wouldn’t be surprised if overweight state employees would be first on Corzine's layoff list.”


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